I have been very busy lately making terrarium after terraruim. I love seeing the little worlds come together with the different textured mini plants and bits I have fossicked around for at the beach. It’s quite neat to look through the glass and see the layers of sand, soil, gravel, rocks and moss just like it appears underneath us in the real world. You will be seeing a lot more of these from me as I embark on a new project with palmers planet to bring them into their stores. Should you require one of these little cuties for your place or a fabulous living gift for someone special, send me your requirements to my email and I’ll get one or two whipped up for you! You can choose your setting from a beachy look to a more desert setting or something a little more modern. (I have some huge acryllic diamonds coming that are going to look ace nestled amongst the plants!) Choose your colour scheme and size/ shape of your vessel and then choose your plants….they could be succulents, cacti or ferns.