Soy-Coconut Candle – Large

Our ‘Melt’ branded soy-coconut candles are hand poured by us here at Vidabela! We love making candles nearly as much as making terrariums! We choose to use a blend of soy and coconut wax as it has a smooth creamy finish and higher scent throw than just soy wax alone. Our candles come in cylindrical glass vessels with a classy gold brushed lid. This large candle is 350ml and burns for approximately 70 hours. Upon placing your order you can choose from three beautiful scents;


-Avocado and Mint (Our personal favourite! It’s fresh, creamy and slightly fruity)

-Black Raspberry and Vanilla (Our most popular scent, it’s sweet, juicy and not too over-powering)

-Sweet Pea and Vanilla (A refreshing and pretty floral scent with subtle creamy vanilla)






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This candle is 350mls (70 hours burn time) For a much smaller candle see our mini version by clicking here


Candle scent

Avocado and Mint, Black Raspberry and Vanilla, Sweet Pea and Vanilla


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