Large DIY Kit Set Terrarium

Make your own 15cm terrarium with our easy DIY kit set. Each set comes with everything you need to build one of our famous cluster terrariums, including tools and step by step instructions. We have made our terrarium kit set super easy so you can gift it to almost anyone (including the kids) at Christmas, birthdays or for an event like hens nights or baby showers! These guys have also been super popular for those in isolation looking for some entertainment!


Each one contains 3 unique succulents and cacti hand-picked by us, then packaged in a box with tissue and you can custom yours to include your choice of  rock colour and figurine.


There is also an option to up size your terrarium to our 18cm fish bowl which contains 4 plants.


The best thing about our DIY Kit set terrariums, is that we can package them and ship them on a regular courier anywhere in NZ. This option is not available on our website so if you are wanting to send your kit set out of Auckland send us a message here and we will get it arranged for you. You can also add on other gifts to make it a plant gift box for your special plant lover some one.


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Each Kit set includes:

  • 15cm fishbowl vase or 18cm if you upsize
  • 3 x small plants (6cm pots) or 4 if you upsize
  • Care instructions
  • Beach sand
  • Gravel
  • Coloured sand
  • Soil
  • Rocks
  • Moss
  • Figurine (your choice from bunny, hedgehog or toadstool)
  • Tools (spoon, skewer and brush)

This item can be shipped throughout NZ however you won’t be able to place your order online as our website is set up for Auckland only deliveries. If you would like to order this product for an address outside of Auckland please send us an email with your address and we will get back to you with the cost of shipping and next steps toward placing your order.

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Up size your terrarium?

Stick with 15cm-3 plants, Up size to 18cm-4 plants