Hanging Air Plant Orb

Each of our air plants come in a 12 cm hanging glass orb with white sand in the bottom and are hung with soft white twine. Our orbs look great on their own or in a set of two at different heights. Air plants are clever little guys and only need air and water to live. Perfect for someone looking for an easy maintenance house plant. If your lucky you might even get your air plant to produce a pretty purple-pink flower! You may also like to choose an add on gift or 2 from our Add On section to make your gift, a gift pack.


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Air Plants are clever little creatures and need nothing to live but air and water. They can even handle low light areas! They love a spot like a bathroom which has high humidity,  but where ever you keep them they generally still need your help to hydrate. Spray with water every few weeks or take them out of the container and run water over them, shake them off before returning to the container. If they are looking very dehydrated and every few months you can soak them for an hour to overnight (preferably in rain water).


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