Add a large gift box

Our large gift box measures 30cm by 30cm and it is 15cm tall. This is the box we use for most of our medium to large sized gift boxes. If you are unsure which size to go for to suit the gift items you have chosen, we are only a phone call away, please contact us and we will be happy to walk you through it. Alternatively we recommend choosing the larger sized box most times and if we think the box you have chosen is unsuitable we will swap it for the small size, contact you and refund you the difference.


All our gift boxes are white, come with a lid, tissue for packing around your gifts, thick ribbon and a gift tag for your message. As a finishing touch we add a sprig of dried or fresh olive which symbolises peace and friendship!


Add to wishlist
  1. Choose your gifts from our selection and then choose our small or large gift box depending on the size we will need to fit your gifts.

If you choose not to add a gift box to the cart we will package all your gift items in one of our glossy box-like gift bags with tissue and a gift card.


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