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This luxurious AIR body scrub (250 ml) made by our friends at Kai Koor is a beautiful addition to any terrarium gift as a pampering extra and it smells simply divine.



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Air is believed to be the highest of all the elements. Within the body, your breath is the air element, nourishing your skin with oxygen. The AIR body scrub is a gentle and highly exfoliating blend of fractionated coconut oil with botanicals. It leaves your skin supple and smooth with invigorating scent of Lemongrass and French lavender.

Featured Ingredients:

Sugar: Gently exfoliating and renewing, sugar gives skin a new glow and softness.

Fractionated coconut oil: Naturally antibacterial and antifungal. It is an excellent moisturizer, as it can penetrate better than other oils.

Lemongrass essential oil: Has an overall invigorating action, helps to minimize pores, limit the secretions of oil and provide a temporary skin-firming treatment.

Lavender essential oil: A highly versatile ‘first aid’ oil. Healing and so soothing.



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