Give the gift of a terrarium full of beautiful plants – delivered Auckland-wide.

Terrariums make great gifts and last longer than flowers! All our terrariums are made in shiny glass vessels with lush succulent and cactus plants that we source locally. We use layers of moss, rocks and sand to create layers of sediment just like in real life.

Our signature way we make our terrariums is by clustering the plants together with lush green moss in between. By making them this way it showcases the different textures and colours of the hundreds of different plant varieties we use.

We then fill the space around them with tiny little pebbles so there is no soil showing through as we think this gives a cleaner, classier look. We have a pretty amazing rock collection and use rocks in all shapes, sizes and colours around the plants and then finish it with coloured sand.

If you prefer your terrarium made a different way you only have to ask, with plenty of floristry experience under our belts we are pretty adaptable at Vidabela and love to sink our fingers into custom jobs too!

Order a terrarium gift for yourself or a friend. Our terrariums come packaged to perfection in a glossy white gift bag, with loads of fluffy white tissue and a gift tag for your message.

If you’d like to include other goodies with your terrarium, take a look at our cool plant gift boxes or create your own custom plant gift box by using our build-a-box section.

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