Our ‘Melt’ branded soy-coconut candles are hand poured by us here at Vidabela! We choose to use a blend of soy and coconut wax as it has a smooth creamy finish and higher scent throw than just soy wax alone. We use stylish vessels to pour our candles into and they come in a few different sizes to suit you. Add one to a terrarium gift and design your own gift box your recipient will love you for! Upon placing your order you can choose from four beautiful scents

NEW Our diffusers come in a gorgeous crystal glass bottle and come with a sweet little bouquet attached to the front so you can add some prettiness to your scented room. Our car diffusers are a mini version of the big ones and look super pretty hanging from your rear-view mirror.

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  • Soy-Coconut Candle – Mini

  • Soy-Coconut Candle – Large

  • Dried Flower Car Diffuser