This would make a great DIY to keep the kids busy in the school holidays……

You will need:

Old nail polishes ( 3-4 different colours) in colours that blend nicely. (If you don’t have any old ones lying around then dollar stores have a huge selection of colours available)
Some pots (we used some concrete seconds I made but terracotta pots or similar would look great also and there’s a huge selection at Palmers to choose from)
Some soil
Plants (succulents are easy to pot up for kids and easy maintenance but the choice is yours….or theirs!)
Spray on vanish or clear paint (optional)

Tips; Use and old bucket for this and lay newspaper down first as this can get messy.

Step 1: Half fill your bucket with water and then add half a teaspoon of each colour to the surface of the water. This needs to be done quite quickly so that the paint doesn’t dry. It needs to be wet to stick to the pot quickly. I would suggest having all the lids off ready to go before you start to pour. Use different hand strokes as you shake each one out to create spots, lines and blobs all in the centre of the bucket. You will find that they seem to take a pattern of their own as they mix with the other colours.

Step 2: Roll your pots through the paint mass on surface of the water making sure to cover all sides. (You can pull the pot out and re-dip in the remaining paint where needed) Place them on some newspaper to dry.

Step 3: (optional) Spray some clear spray or vanish on the outside of your pots to give a nicer finish and inside of your pots so that they don’t soak up any water leaving the plants too dry.

Step 4: Add some rocks to the bottom of your pots if there is no hole for drainage, then some soil and finish by planting up your succulents.

Happy crafting x