Not only does having a little bit of green inside your living room help to brighten your mood, but it’s a proven fact that plants help to increase oxygen levels and clean the air we breathe. I don’t know about you but the idea of fresh, clean air sounds pretty good to me hence the abundance of houseplants taking over my time on watering day! It’s a small price to pay if it keeps those winter blues at bay.

With today being the last day of Autumn and a notciable temperature drop in the air it’s time to act! But which one will you choose. Our most popular terrarium shapes are spheres, otherwise known as fishbowls and this lovely tapered number which is a bit more upright and can take some taller plant varieties. Starting at $16, there’s a terrarium for every budget, and they make a super easy and unique gift too.

Let Vidabela Botanicals help you to re-create nature in your living room.