We’ve designed some beautiful sets of artificial flowers in on trend colours and styles for your wedding party and venue. We’ve made these sets only for HIRE, (unfortunately we don’t make these to order)

We didn’t want our artificial flowers to look too fake and plastic-like, so we spent endless hours searching for the most realistic silk flowers on the market. Now you can have beautiful florals almost as good as the real thing on your wedding day, which are not only cost effective they are sustainable too! You also won’t have any issues with allergies or having to keep flowers in water- they won’t wilt by the end of your day. Our hire flowers help in making your wedding stress-free, so you have one less thing to worry about on the biggest day of your life!

*5 day hire. Delivery within NZ available.

Bridal Party Flowers

We currently have 10 pre-made bridal party sets available, with each item hired individually. Each set has available;

  • 1-2 bridal bouquets
  • 5-6 bridesmaids posies
  • 2 flower girl posies
  • 2 flower crowns
  • All ceremony and reception arrangements (more about this below in the ‘Ceremony/Reception’ section)

Trailing Orchids

Our newest addition to our range, our ‘trailing orchid’ set is a stunner! The bridal bouquet is a trailing style with phalaenopsis orchids that cascade down from white peonies, cream roses, hydrangea and gypsophila (babies breath) on a backdrop of lush green foliage. To match we’ve made the bridesmaid bouquets with the same flowers just in more of a posy shape. The 2 tie-up flower crowns are one-size-fits-all and are made with mini orchids and roses to match.

Latte and White

One of our newest sets, our ‘Latte and White’ has tones of beige, chocolate and latte with bright whites and greens. Roses, peonies and renunculus are the main stars in this show, alongside some whimsical cosmos and berries. The bridal bouquet is a rustic asymmetrical shape with draping diamond eucalyptus and the bridesmaid posies are slightly smaller and in an all round style. There are 2 one-size-fits-all flower crowns with this set to match.

Dusky Pink and Grey

Another new set now available is our ‘Dusky Pink and Grey’. Garden roses, hydrangea, dahlias and berries are set against soft grey foliage like dusty miller and diamond eucalyptus. The style is quite domed, lush and full. The tones of dusky pink, wine and a touch of white, lend themselves to dresses in; pale pinks, burgundy, black, silver, green navy or steel blue. This set has 2 one size fits all flower crowns if you require them.

Burnt Orange

With it’s rich, rustic colours, our ‘burnt orange” wedding set is quite a popular choice this season. With some deeper burgundy reds and softer ivory colours, this set goes with an array of colour themes, from blush, latte and ivory, to reds, oranges, browns and greens, even steel blue! The bouquets have a beautiful mix of roses, peonies, ranunculus, hydrangea and berries in Autumnal tones with draping eucalyptus greenery in grey, brown and teal. The bridal bouquet is a rustic asymmetrical shape with the bridesmaid posies being slightly smaller and in a loose, all round style. There are 2 one-size-fits-all flower crowns with this set to match.

Blush and White

Our ‘blush and white’ set is soft and pretty with roses, ranunculus and peonies. Each bouquet has lots of greenery in soft grey and sage and is finished with blush pink satin ribbon. The bouquets are quite petite and made in an all-round, tight style suiting almost all wedding themes.

Champagne and White

rustic wedding flowers

Our ‘champagne and white’ wedding set is a rustic, wild look with lots of different greenery, fillers and berries. The star players in this one are ranunculus, large open roses and beautiful camellia flowers. The bridal bouquet is an ‘on trend’ asymmetrical style and is large in size, finished with beautiful satin ribbon to bind the natural stems. The bridesmaid posies are smaller and we’ve left the stems longer to give a natural, loose look. There are 2 tie-up, matching flower crowns that go with this set.

Blush and Burgundy

Our ‘blush and burgundy’ set has just had a make over, so all the flowers are fresh and new. It comes in a whimsical boho style with the bridal bouquet being large, asymmetrical and slightly draping. Soft and dusky pink peonies, roses and dahlia with deep red ranunculus, dahlias and peonies are set amongst dark berries and loads of eucalyptus and olive greenery in tones of grey and green. This design is finished with a deep red ribbon bind.

Cream and Ivory

The ‘cream and Ivory’ set is full of lush peonies, ranunculus and hydrangea with pretty filler flowers, eucalyptus and sage-green draping foliage. The bridesmaid posies are slightly smaller and less draping than the large bridal posy and there’s an option to swap the all round bridal posy for a teardrop shaped one with this set. The bouquets are bound with ivory satin ribbon, to show natural stems and secured with pearl pins. There are 2 flower crowns to match this set.

Lilac and Ivory

Our lilac set is such a pretty one with its wispy fillers and berries. Flowers include peonies, garden roses, dahlia and ranunculus with eucalyptus foliage and soft ferns. The colours are mostly shades of lilac with a touch of ivory and a little dusky pink to give a pop of colour. We’ve kept the stems long on this one to give a “just been picked from a meadow” sort of look and the bouquets are bound in ivory satin ribbon then secured with pearl pins. There are 2 ‘one size fits all’ flower crowns available in this set.

Nude and White

Our “Nude and White” set is so soft and pretty with large blooms such as peonies, dahlia, roses & hydrangea. The colours are a combo of white, nude and blush with sage and grey eucalyptus foliage. The bridal bouquet style is more of a front facing asymmetrical shape, relaxed and very on trend right now. The bridesmaids’ posies are smaller and a bit more symmetrical. There are 2 tie- up flower crowns available to hire with this set.

Ceremony/Reception Flowers

Ceremony and reception flowers are constructed especially for your wedding and pulled apart for the next one so you can have them made with specific flowers in any colour or design you like. Customisable but still for hire! We have, depending on availability;

  • 28 garlands (these are easy DIY)
  • OR 30 loose flower posies (with or without vases)
  • 2 Urns
  • Arch flowers
  • Semi circle floor arches
  • Ceiling intallations
  • Barrel arrangements
  • Decor for welcome signs
  • Pew ends
  • And more!

We can match these pieces to the bouquet set you have chosen or go for something completely unique.

Arch Arrangements

The usual scenario that works well on most arches are our 2-piece sets; We make a large corner piece for the top left-hand corner and a smaller piece for the right-hand side. You can also hire some plain greenery garlands if you like, to drape in places too. Because we make these from scratch though, especially to suit your day, you might like a 1, 3 or 5 piece set instead! Anything is possible, try us! Our arch arrangements are very light and easy to attach on a nail or hook if the arch you are using allows for it, or they can be cable-tied on.


We also have 2 large urns we can make flowers up in to match your theme. These are really quite large and are about the only items we cannot ship so if you live outside of Auckland and can’t collect from us you could consider our barrel arrangements as an alternative or you might have your own props or vessels you would like flowers custom made into and we can do that too!

Other Arrangements

We can make almost anything your heart desires from our beautiful loose artificial flowers. From welcome sign decor, back drops, pew ends, hanging installs, bridal table/mantle arrangements and more! When you hire our flowers, you’ll pay a fraction of what it would cost if they were real, so you can have what your heart desires plus you won’t be able to tell they are not the real thing, and neither will your guests!

Buttonholes and Corsages

Unfortunately, we can’t hire buttonholes and corsages due to them being hard to keep track of at the end of the night and going missing. If you want these added to your order, we can construct them to match the set you hire but they must be bought outright. We keep prices as low as possible on these so they are still affordable for the budget conscious and they make a cute keepsake for your memory box!

Cake Flowers

We also can’t design cake flowers to hire, due to hygienic reasons. If you need flowers for your cake, we can design artificial flower cake spray/s to keep. You will need to send us the inspo for your cake and how may tiers you intend on having.


Get in touch here if you would like a price list sent to you for our wedding set hire or you would like to find out what’s available on your wedding date. Our team is happy to answer any questions on how our hire process works.